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Welcome to the karaoke mixer articles section at KaraokeMixer.Info. Here you will find articles about karaoke mixers and other top karaoke equipment.

When you first get introduced to a mixer you will see it has many dials or knobs and you may now know what they are for at first. I will walk you through the common dials found on a karaoke mixer so you will know what they do. Not every mixer has exactly the same dials as another but they all share common options and that will be explained.

A karaoke amplifier with a built-in mixer is an ideal solution if you do not already have a mixer because you can connect your karaoke player, microphones and speakers to this and mix the sound directly from the amplifier without using another mixer.

When you are looking for a new karaoke mixer a good place to shop is the popular online store Amazon. This is with good reason because they stock good quality equipment and allow customers to post reviews so you know how each mixer stands within the community. We will tell you how to use this online store to find the best karaoke mixer for your setup.

Some karaoke players come with a built in mixer so all you need to do is connect the karaoke player to a TV or sound system. We will highlight some karaoke player models that have a build in karaoke mixer.

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