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Connecting a karaoke mixer to other equipment will be the first thing you will want to do when you get your new mixer so we will give you some ideas about how to connect your audio equipment to your karaoke mixer.


Connecting a karaoke mixer

Your karaoke mixer will usually come with a user guide or instruction manual so I suggest you read that first to understand more about the particular unit you have. You should become familiar with what each knob and button if for to make the operation of your karaoke mixer easier.

Connecting a mixer to the speaker or amplifier

Most mixers will have an audio out connection which needs to be connected to your sound system or powered speakers. If you are connecting your mixer to an amplifier or stereo component then you may need to connect the audio out on your mixer to the audio input on your amplifier or stereo component. The input connection on most sound systems is often labeled as "aux" (auxiliary) input or "line input". Make sure you connect the audio out on the mixer to the audio input on your amplifier correctly or you will not hear any sound sent from other equipment connected to your mixer.

Connecting your karaoke player to your mixer

Your karaoke player will need to be connected to an audio input on your mixer. This is often labeled as a line input or av input. Many mixers have multiple inputs so make sure your karaoke player is connected to the correct input plug on the mixer.

Connecting a microphone to a karaoke mixer

After you have correctly connected your mixer to the sound system ans karaoke player you can connect the microphones. keep the volume level low at first and turn it up slowly when the mixer and speakers are turned on.

Test your new karaoke setup and mixer

The time for the fun part has arrives. Keep the volume levels low on your mixer and turn everything on. Start your karaoke playing and sing. If everything is working you can start to turn the volume up more until the balance between the volume of the music and microphone sounds right to you.

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