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A karaoke amplifier with a built-in mixer is an ideal solution if you do not already have a mixer because you can connect your karaoke player, microphones and speakers to this and mix the sound directly from the amplifier without using another mixer.

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Karaoke Mixer Amplifier

Having the mixer built into the amplifier gives you an easy way to set volume levels and effect levels to get the most out of your karaoke system.

Connecting The Mixer Applifier for A Better Sound

Most karaoke amplifiers with a mixer built in will have at least two microphone inputs with controls for echo and volume. There will be at least one input for the audio from your karaoke machine. If your karaoke machine has a microphone input you may want to consider using the microphone input on the mixer and not your karaoke player because that will make it easier to mix and get a nicer sound for your singers.

Advantages of a Karaoke Amplifier with a Build in Mixer

  • Fewer cables than having a separate mixer and amplifier because everything connects to the amplifier and is mixed from one device.
  • Better access to a nicer sounding karaoke session because you can control everything from the one place.
  • This is a more portable solution because you need less equipment which is great for KJ work. Simply connect everything to the amplifier and you are ready to start singing.

The Best Karaoke Amplifiers with Built-in Mixers

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