Karaoke Mixer Reviews and Everything Karaoke Mixers

A karaoke mixer is an important part of any karaoke system and we will explain why and show you a few different types of karaoke mixers suitable for professional and home karaoke.

Karaoke Mixers

A karaoke mixer is the component of your karaoke system that controls the music volume and singer sound volume as well as a number of effects like an echo that is added to the singer's voice. The mixer will send all the information to an amplifier which will send the sound to the speakers.

Some karaoke systems such as portable karaoke players have a build-in mixer as part of the unit and the controls are part of the case of the player. A professional karaoke system usually has a separate karaoke mixer unit with effects controls and volume control and at least two microphone plugs. The microphone and karaoke player are connected to the mixer and the mixer is connected to an amplifier/speakers.

When you a choosing a karaoke mixer it is important to know what other devices you will connect to it and make sure the audio cables from your karaoke player and amplifier are the same ones supported on your mixer. Most connections are universally standard but it is a good idea to check to be sure you have the correct mixer for your setup.

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