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Some karaoke players come with a built in mixer so all you need to do is connect the karaoke player to a TV or sound system. We will highlight some karaoke player models that have a build in karaoke mixer.

Built in Karaoke Mixer Explained

If you are the sort of person who likes to plug a karaoke player into the TV and start singing right away without having to make additional connections and turn many knobs to get the sound right then you are in luck. There are some karaoke systems that have a mixer built in so you can adjust the sound settings from the unit or by using the on screen menu system. The echo and effects and volume controls can be adjusted within the karaoke player unit and settings.

Karaoke Players With Built in Mixers

There are a few manufactures who make fully enclosed karaoke systems that include everything you need to enjoy karaoke without any other expensive audio equipment. They each have a different approach to how their karaoke systems work so I will show you a few that I know are good and popular around the world.

Singing Machinetop karaoke player - Singing Machine comes with everything you need to sing in your bedroom, living room or any location. The system has a mixer built in and some models such as the Singing Machine iSM1028Xagood karaoke player have a built in screen.

Magic Singportable top karaoke player  -  Magic Sing is the most popular portable karaoke system in the world and many of the units including the Magic Karaoke ET25K Magic Singtop karaoke player for singers have a built in mixer so all that is needed is a TV. The more advanced Magic Sing units such as the Magic Sing ET23KH HDanother top karaoke player also have built in mixers, multiple microphones and many more songs to choose from. Magic Sing is true plug an play. You plug it into your TV and you will have a karaoke system ready to go.

Karaoke on DemandKOD is a top karaoke player  - Karaoke on Demand jukebox players feature a hard disk that stores the karaoke music. The karaoke players have a built in mixer allowing you to change the echo settings and microphone volume levels from the front panel.

There are many more karaoke players that feature a built in mixer but these are the good ones and if I come across any other karaoke players I feel are worth mentioning I will update this article.

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