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Welcome to the karaoke mixer reviews section at KaraokeMixer.Info. Here you will find reviews of karaoke mixers and other top karaoke equipment. We will tell you about each karaoke mixer and outline the features of each mixer so you can shop with confidence when buying a mixer for your karaoke system.

Without a doubt, Behringer has a history of producing long lasting quality mixers so you know you will get value for money with any Behringer product. Their professional mixers are well known but we will take a look at the smaller portable mixer XENYX 502 and see how it can stack up as a karaoke mixer.

The Acesonic KM-201 HDMI Karaoke Audio Mixer is a cost effective way to mix any of your HDMI devices and use them as a karaoke player and we will tell you what makes this small mixer a must have for your home entertainment system.

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