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There are some simple things to decide when choosing a karaoke mixer and I will li9st them here for you.

Steps for Choosing a Karaoke Mixer

When you want to go shopping for a karaoke mixer there are some things to consider, There five steps will help you make a decision and narrow your choices to get5 the right mixer for your karaoke system.

1. Decide how many microphones you need connected. The most common mixers will allow for two microphones but some mixers support more.
2. Output connectivity. Decide what connections your mixer needs and choose a mixer that will connect to your speakers correctly.
3. Decide if you need the controls on top or on the front of the mixer. This will help decide what type of mixer you need. The popular karaoke mixers have the controls on the front panel but many DJ style mixers have the controls on the top.
4. Decide what effects you need the mixer to have built in. Most karaoke mixers should have echo and many have delay but you decide what extra effects you need.
5. Set a budget that is reasonable. A good karaoke mixer is usually under $200 but they go up in price depending on the features.

That is all you need to know to decide on a karaoke mixer.

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