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When you first get introduced to a mixer you will see it has many dials or knobs and you may now know what they are for at first. I will walk you through the common dials found on a karaoke mixer so you will know what they do. Not every mixer has exactly the same dials as another but they all share common options and that will be explained.

Karaoke Mixer Dials and Knobs

Dials on Karaoke a Mixer

Yes, I know those dials seem very confusing but relax now because they are about to be explained and you will soon think it is very obvious what they are.

What All Mixers Have in Common

VOLUME - The dials that all karaoke mixers have in common are the volume controls. There will be a dial which is used to control the volume of the music from the karaoke machine and usually a separate dial to control the volume of the singing from the microphone. Having separate controls for the music volume and microphone volume is what makes using a mixer in your karaoke setup beneficial.

Extra Dials for A Better Karaoke Experience

There are some other dials which many karaoke mixers have to assist you with a better karaoke experience. I will explain these options and why they can help enhance the karaoke experience.

EQ (EQUALISER) - The EQ or EQUALISER allows you to change the frequency band. They are commonly labelled as low, mid and high. Some mixers only have a dial for bass which is also the low frequency. Turing these dials right will allow you increase how much of that frequency is sent to the speakers. Turing the dial to the left will decrease how much of that frequency is sent to the speakers. For example, if you turn the low dial to the right you will hear more of the lower bass sound and if you turn it left you will hear less bass sound. Adjusting the frequency using these dials can help you get the sound right for the type of music you are singing or for the venue.

ECHO - The echo dial controls the amount of echo effect sent to the speakers. This is usually found in the microphone control section. Having a bit of echo effect is a good idea because it will add some echo to the singing to and can make the singing sound more professional when mixed with the music.

KEY - Some karaoke mixers have key control. This will allow you to control the key. This is useful if your singers cannot sing in tune with the current song because it is out of their vocal range. You can change the key to make their voice match the song.


There you have it, they are the dials you will find on karaoke mixers. Next time you see a karaoke mixer or any audio mixer you will be able to adjust the sound so the karaoke session sounds fantastic.

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