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The Acesonic KM-201 HDMI Karaoke Audio Mixer is a cost effective way to mix any of your HDMI devices and use them as a karaoke player and we will tell you what makes this small mixer a must have for your home entertainment system.

KM-201 HDMI Karaoke Audio Mixer ReviewThe Acesonic KM-201

A Look at The Acesonic KM-201

With a small footprint the Acesonic KM-201 will not take up much space and is small enough to pack away when not being used. The unit is ideal for mixing HDMI devices with microphones meaning you can use any HDMI device as a karaoke player with this mixer.

Front and Back of The Acesonic KM-201

The front panel is tidy and looks modern and there are two microphone inputs and a head phone output plug. There are four knobs that allow you to adjust the volume and effect level which includes a knob to control the music volume and an echo volume knob which will control the echo level on both microphones together. The two microphone volume control knobs allow for individual volume controls so you can set each microphone volume separately.

The back of this small mixer is where things get interesting because the unit has HDMI input and output as well as Left/Right and Video RCA input and output. The unit will let you input via HDMI and output via HDMI and L/R RCA audio together making it adaptable to many different uses. The back panel also has a 12v power input and the power on/off switch.

More Acesonic KM-201 Features

This Acesonic KM-201karaoke mixer with HDMI karaoke mixer has some nice features including the professional grade yamaha reverb technology easily adjusted by a know on the front panel. The mixer will perform well at lower levels and is designed to be a basic karaoke mixer. If you need a high powered mixer for louder sound system or a live venue then this mixer may not meet your needs but if you are looking for a low cost mixer to mix your home devices with a microphone then this is a good choice.

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