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Without a doubt, Behringer has a history of producing long lasting quality mixers so you know you will get value for money with any Behringer product. Their professional mixers are well known but we will take a look at the smaller portable mixer XENYX 502 and see how it can stack up as a karaoke mixer.

XENYX 502Behringer XENYX 502 Review

This is a small mixer which will fit easily on a desk or on a shelf in your rack but all the connectivity is on the top panel except for the power connection so it is best suited for karaoke setups allowing for the mixer to be on top of a shelf.

The XENYX 502 does not have any effects built in but it does have a good quality EQ. The mixer has 5 inputs comprising of 1 mic input and 2 stereo inputs giving you plenty of freedom to add a second karaoke player or additional microphones. There are also CD/tape inputs which can be sent to the to headphone output or main mix output at the press of a button.

The The XENYX 502 mixer will easily connect to most karaoke amplifiers or even a hi-fi stereo amplifier because it has a main output and a 2-track output plus a headphone output offering you plenty of output options.

The mixer is portable and the build quality is professional and will last a lot of use.

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