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Mackie is a well-known brand in the world of audio and sound equipment and their 8 channel compact mixer PROFX8 reminds us why.

Mackie PROFX8 MixerMackie PROFX8

Mackie PROFX8 as A Karaoke Mixer

The PROFX8 has eight line inputs and 4 mic inputs with low-noise and high-headroom mic preamps to ensure an excellent standard of the audio signal. Each channel has its own 60mm fader to keep levels in check and the main volume can be monitored using LED a metering.

The PROFX8 features a selection of built in effects making it a great choice for karaoke mixing. The mixer has 16 built in effects that cover the most popular options commonly used when adding effects to a live mix including delay, reverb and different hall types. Options are limited to 16 but they are high-quality 32-bit effects that are suitable almost any occasion and purpose.

Getting the sound right for your room, indoor venue or outdoor location is not always easy because of walls and other things to interrupt the sound but the PROFX8  makes the job easier with a range of EQ options including channel EQ and a stereo graphic EQ with 7 bands to give you the sound you need.

The PROFX8 also has USB connectivity for recording live performance to a computer so you can offer your karaoke party guests a recording of their performance to take home or listen back to your own performances on a computer to help improve your singing skills.

The price range of the PROFX8 is around $229 to $299 making it an affordable mixer for karaoke or live mixing. This list price bracket means the Mackie PROFX8 offers great value for performance.

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