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Today we will talk about the DA-1000 which is a mid range costing karaoke mixer from the well known company VocoPro. This VocoPro karaoke mixer packs a punch for the dollar and we will explain why.

About The  VocoPro DA-1000 Karaoke Mixer

VocoPro DA-1000 Pro Professional 3 Mic Digital Echo MixerVocoPro DA-1000 Pro Professional mixer

The VocoPro DA-1000 is a professional mixer with 3 Mic inputs and a digital echo mixer. The mixer is a flat unit and is rack mountable so the professional KJ can mount it amongst the rest of their equipment.

Located on the front panel of the The DA-1000 are all the controls. The mixer has master controls for the music and a separate master control for the microphones and both include volume, bass and treble controls The DA-1000 has three microphone channels and each microphone channel has a separate repeat and delay control including echo on and off switches to give the singer complete control over the sound for they microphone.

A stand out feature of the DA-1000 is the voice cancel which can be used to cancel out the vocal layer on a 2-channel multiplexed CD+G, VCD or cassette.  The cancellation works well and is not found in many mixers at this low price range. You can also take advantage of the voice partner feature which will be remove the vocal layer as long as you are singing into the microphone. When you stop singing into the microphone, the vocal layer will automatically be added back into the music making it great if you want to keep the party going with no gaps in the singing.

Buy a VocoPro DA-1000 Mixer

You can buy a VocoPro DA-1000VocoPro DA-1000 Pro Professional mixer for karaoke at many popular karaoke stores but the best way to get on is to buy one onlinekaraoke mixing with the VocoPro DA-1000 Pro Professional mixer. You can also look for them being sold at online auctions, classified ads and your local music store.

karaoke mices connect to this VocoPro DA-1000 Pro Professional mixerbest karaoke mixer VocoPro DA-1000 Pro Professional mixer

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